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The number of applications are numerous.

Please find below the list of the most important applications where you can find plenty of STERIFLOW retorts wordlwide:

- vegetables in metal can;

- vegetables in glass jar;

- vegetables in stand-up pouch / doypack;

vegetables in Tetra Recart;

- baby food in glass jar;

- baby food in plastic tray;

- baby food in glass bottle;

- baby food in pouch;

- fish products in alu can;

- sea food in metal can;

- fish products in glass jar;

- sea food in alu tray;

- fish and sea food in pouch;

- meat-based products (pate) in metal can;

- meat products (sausages) in glass jar;

- meat-based products (pate) in plastic;

- meat products in pouch;

- evaporated milk in metal can;

- condensed milk in metal can;

- cooked condensed milk in metal can, glass jar and sausage casing;

- sterilized yoghurt in HDPE bootle;

- coffee cream in glass jar;

- milk-based drinks in cans, bottles and pouches;

- pasteurised ready-meals in flexible packages (pouch);

- pasteurised and sterilised ready-meals in glass jars and metal cans;

- cooked vegetables for supermarkets;

- wet pet food in flexible packages (pouch);

- wet pet food in alu tray;

- wet pet food in plastic;

- wet pet food in cans.