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Autoclaves Steriflow for condensed milk sterilizing

Condensed milk has always been unique in its versatility. It has found application in a variety of dishes - it may be added to tea and coffee, and various dessert delicacies are obtained from it. The children are the real fans of this product, aren’t they? Yes, and we, adults, always do not mind enjoying this sweetness. It is unlikely that anyone will argue about the taste of this product. If we compare condensed milk with other sweets, then we will not find anything in condensed milk except sugar and milk itself. There are no dyes or flavors. Have you ever thought about the method of producing it? It is obvious that the quality of a product directly depends on the quality of the equipment on which it is produced.

Today the market of equipment suppliers has a large number of proposals that can satisfy the needs of a condensed milk manufacturers. At the same time, during making a choice of such equipment, you should always remember the strict requirements for the technical equipment of enterprises. Because, despite of the apparent simplicity of the final product, the production of condensed milk is a complex and high-tech process. Today heat sterilization and pasteurization have practical importance to create the necessary optimal storage conditions for condensed milk. It's not a secret that condensed milk manufacturers understood that in order to obtain milk of the required quality with guaranteed high shelf life, it is necessary to use autoclaves.


As world experience shows, the water cascade technology implemented by STERIFLOW is the most efficient from a technological point of view and the least expensive from the point of view of its maintenance.


Industrial autoclaves of Steriflow are recognized and praised by their customers for their high quality production and reliability. In addition, Steriflow constantly supports its customers by offering them various services (calibration, training, maintenance, etc.).


What is the process for producing condensed milk?


Unsweetened or lightly sweetened condensed milk, also known in many countries as condensed milk, is a product made from cow's milk that evaporates 60% of its water content. After evaporation, the product is cooled, stabilized, packed and sterilized. Condensed milk has a slightly caramelized flavor and is slightly darker in color than fresh milk. This aspect is the result of the passage of the product at a high temperature during heat treatment.


How to sterilize condensed milk?


Unsweetened or lightly sweetened condensed milk must undergo a sterilization process, which is not required in the case of sweetened condensed milk (sugar will increase the shelf life). The unsweetened product is dispensed into jars, which are sealed hermetically, and then placed in the autoclave baskets. The cans are then sterilized by Steriflow's patented water cascading process. Stirring the food by rotating the drum inside the sterilizer prevents browning at the edges of the package and improves its organoleptic quality.

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